Fashion girl wigs

Guide: Good-looking fashion girl wigs hairstyle pictures: oblique bangs honey brown curly hair, Qi Liuhai linen brown long pear head and cute wave head short hair.

In recent years, wigs have been loved and sought after by many girls. Now, in order to satisfy you, this article brings you a few stylish fashion girl wigs and beautiful girls wig hairstyle pictures, dear! Don’t miss it!

One: oblique bangs honey brown curly hair

fashion girl wigs

With the design of the oblique bangs, it looks very sweet. The dyed honey brown hair color is more fashionable, curly hair tail, and the face repair effect is super good. Still very young! With such a girl’s wig hair on the street, I believe that your return rate must be very high!

Good-looking fashion girl wigs

Two: Qi Liuhai linen brown long pear flower head

A sweet pear girl loves the long pear head, Qi Liuhai builds, is to show a sweet fan, long curly hair on the shoulder, but also a more beautiful! A light linen brown hair color is a set of white cheeks, super beautiful! This wig hairstyle is worth having!

Three: cute wave head short hair

Cute and fresh, a short wave of hair, cut bangs, sweet and cute, short hair ends, looks a fresh face, brown hair is more fashionable! Such a fashion girl wigs nice and stylish Bobo head short wig, do you like it? Try it out!

Four: small fresh no bangs long curly hair

There is no bangs in front of DIY, revealing a smooth forehead, it is very refreshing, cheeks curled up the tail, modified the face, super fashion girl wigs beautiful! Very fresh! Add some hair accessories to make the effect even better! Really a very good wig hairstyle!

Five: Qi Liu Hai brown yellow long curly hair

The front is the cut bangs, the sweet beauty is presented, the brownish yellow hair color is the fashion side, the volume and the fluffy hair ends, both face repairing and age reduction. In front of the camera,

a cute expression will make you add cute, very fashionable, the most fashionable wig hairstyle for girls!

Middle-aged wig suitable for round face

Guide: The following small series for everyone to recommend a round-faced middle-aged wig female pictures, interested may wish to see!

What kind of wig should a middle-aged woman with a round face wear? The following small series for everyone to recommend a round-faced middle-aged wig female pictures, you can not miss it!

Elegant fashion round face middle and old wig

This middle-aged and old wig picture looks like a fluffy short hair style. The slightly slanted Liu Hai just retouches the round face effect. The dark brown hair color can also multiply the elegance and fashion of women!

Intellectual mature round face middle-aged wig

A fashion wig that is very suitable for round-faced middle-aged and old people. Choose the hot-rolled hair to modify the face shape, and then combine the upper slanting bangs to clearly show the charm of intellectual maturity.

Middle-aged wig suitable for round face

Fashion temperament round face middle and old wig

The short hair design of the wig picture is definitely the first choice for the middle-aged and female women with round face.

Mature intellectual round face middle and old wig

Demonstration of this middle-aged and female wig, fluffy inner buckle hot hair, with a thin and thin bangs, is a magic weapon for round face! Chestnut brown hair color is mature and intellectual beauty!

Trendy and elegant round face middle and old wig

Middle-aged wig

A very fashionable and masculine wig effect picture, it is more suitable for some round-faced middle-aged people! The perfect combination of the Middle-aged wig curled hair and the oblique bangs can be described as a sleek and elegant temperament!

The above is a picture of a middle-aged and old wig girl recommended for a round face.

Fashion Horsetail wigs

Guide: The appearance of the ponytail wig brings the gospel to those short hair and small MM. With the colorful style, the non-mainstream ponytail is Horsetail wigs very popular among girls, and it has straight hair, curly hair and long ponytail. The pony tail… is dazzling!

The birth of the ponytail wig creates a good possibility for girls who want their hair style to change into a variety of styles and are not willing to cut hair and perm. You can have a variety of styles in a light and easy way, and then share some non-mainstream ponytail wigs.

Long roll fluffy ponytail wig

Horsetail wigs

Horsetail wigs

I remember that there was a haircut program for investigating boys’ favorite girls. Mawei is the top vote for boys! If you have a girl with too short hair or Horsetail wigs a small amount of hair, you can choose this non-mainstream ponytail wig, grab the clip style, and wear it more concisely.

Grip straight hair ponytail wig

The style of the non-mainstream style catching straight ponytail is quite eye-catching, and girls who like straight hair should start! No matter how far you look, you can feel the real nature of workmanship, hair matte and no hair. In the midsummer, the smart straight horsetail becomes a beautiful scene on the street.

Pear short ponytail wig

Freshly baked 2014 latest refreshing short pony tail. Short hair girls have always envied those who have a beautiful ponytail shape, but they can sigh at the face of their monotonous dull hair style, so this world’s cute short ponytail will satisfy you.

Horsetail wigs

Fluffy short-coil ponytail wig

Mori girl’s favorite fashion short ponytail, small fresh hair is quite eye-catching, natural and smooth ponytail hair accessories will not have a Horsetail wigs sweet sense of writing, like this style of wig girl is worth trying, unique velcro Designed to be easier to wear.

Gradient horsetail hair piece

Very unique gradient color style ponytail wig, at first glance, it is quite heart-warming? With the supple and incomparable pear flower micro-volume, the overall look is more natural and true, and the Harajuku-style dazzling color brings the avant-garde fashion of the ponytail wig.

The ponytail wig brings a richer styling effect to Horsetail wigs the girl’s hair style. Both the long ponytail and the short ponytail are available. The straight hair curls are concentrated together and are quite eye-catching.

Cosplay wigs

Guide: Do you have a cosplay partner? In this issue, I specially invite cosplay god to Cosplay wigs personally demonstrate how best to shape cos wigs.

If you like cosplay, you must have a variety of wigs, but do you know how to fix the wig? If you don’t know, just wait for the cosplay god to personally demonstrate how to shape the cos wig.

How to fix cos wig

Preparation tools: hair net, hair clip, wig

First of all, we need to take care of our hair, make it more docile, then put on the hair net, put all the hair in the hair net, remember to cover your hairline!

Cosplay wigs

Then grab the tail of the hair net by hand, gently pull it up, adjust the position of the hair net, then we have to adjust the thickness of the Cosplay wigs hair to a thick and thin, use the hair clip to fix the hair net.

When wearing a wig, we need to use both hands to hold the inside of the wig, let it fully unfold and then put it on the head. After wearing the wig, we need to adjust the position of the wig and take care of it.

Cosplay God for you personally demonstrate cos wig how to finalize

For those who need to reinforce the wig shape, use a proper amount of water to moisten the wig, then use the hot air of the hair dryer to dry it. Finally, apply a proper amount of styling gel or spray to the hair.


1. When setting up the cos wig, the hot air temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, otherwise the wig will lose its moistureiness and become dry and rancid.

2, as far as possible, choose a mild styling Cosplay wigs product for wig shaping, so as not to damage the wig, so that your wig life is shorter.

3, after the cos, please remember to take good care of your wig, after cleaning the wig must be kept dry, carefully stored.

Short wigs hair pictures

[short wigs hair dye]

short wigs hair

Linen gray short wig

Compared with the color of the trend personality, many sisters dare not challenge, you can choose a short wig of 2018 linen gray, or a short wigs hair smooth straight hair, no matter from the side or the front looks so beautiful, so beautiful, very A short wig worth starting.

Nice short wigs hair pictures

Grandma gray short wig

Many people like the feeling of cleanliness, but such short hair is not easy to cut. You can choose this handsome short wig to try it. It is a word with grandma ash.Sister, you can choose this short wig of grandma ash, very good.

Thin rattan short wig

This thin rattan color is a hair color that is hard to dye, but a short wig can be made in 2018. I like this hair color girl. You can choose this short wig to short wigs hair meet your requirements. This hair color is super beautiful. There is also the effect of fair complexion, who dyes are good-looking.

Linen brown short wig

The color of the linen hair is super loved by many sisters. The 2018 short wig of Bobotou is very age-reducing and fashionable. The bangs with airiness are more cute, and the design of the buckle is modified to modify your face. The effect of the color, and then dye a linen brown hair color, such a wig is very hot, very beautiful.

Light pink short wig

There is a girl full of girls, many of them like pink, even the hairstyle is no exception, this 2018 pale pink short wig is very suitable, it is also a very short wigs hair good air feeling wave head, inside buckle tail design It is also super beautiful, ageing + repairing effect is super good.

The above-mentioned fake short hair pictures of 2018, look at which one to look at!

Show wigs, not to be missed, autumn and winter hairstyle

Lead: Whether it’s a girllike hair, exaggerated fluffy hair, or a rebellious punk hairstyle, a hairstyle can make you feel very popular in this Show wigs fall and winter.

Girl hairpin

Show wigs

The scorpion has occupied the mainstream position of the show hair style for several consecutive seasons, and this autumn and winter haircut is still a popular hairstyle. Different from the past, this season’s hair becomes delicate and gorgeous. The long straight hair with luster is tied low in the back of the head into a thick three-legged scorpion, and with a wide hair band, the original simple hair style is immediately more elegant. You can also tie up two hairpins behind your head and then plate them into a bun, neat and playful.

Continuing the popularity of spring and summer, the “wet feeling” hairstyle continues to this autumn and winter. Moisturizing, textured, and casual, it is the key word for “wet hair” in autumn and winter. Whether it’s a haircut or a shawl hair, or Show wigs a short hair, the girls’ hairs are like they have just been washed before they have dried up, and then hurriedly combed the texture with their fingers. In life, you can use gel to achieve this effect. It is important to note that in order to maintain the fluffy feel, apply a small amount to the root.

Show wigs, not to be missed, autumn and winter hairstyle

Big hair

A generous sense of hair volume is also one of the key points in hairdressing in autumn and winter. The hair, the ponytail, and the curls have become very fluffy, and the hair looks at least twice as much as usual! You can use the hair comb to make the hair fluffy, or you can burn a large curl, and then use the styling products to create a long-lasting fluffy effect. Although fluffy and full, but the hair style seems to have a casual, lazy feeling, even if the curls are like uncombed, in short, this season’s fluffy hair is to reflect the sexy taste of women.

Exquisite service

A strong, fashionable woman always likes to comb her hair, but it will appear to be stereotyped. This autumn and winter, the hairstyle of the hair root is still popular, but it has become a smooth, hairy and fluffy effect on the head, which makes the hair style more casual and fashionable. You can split your hair, or you can Show wigs just get it behind your head, then you can have a shawl hair, or you can tie a simple ponytail. In short, no matter which comb you choose, the gloss and the sleek look are all for the hairstyle. The key to getting advanced.


Show wigs, not to be missed, autumn and winter hairstyle

If your hair grows over your shoulders, try to let the hair tip gently and naturally spread over your shoulders.  In short, the effect of the hair is extremely natural and true. This hairstyle gives a clean, natural girly feeling. Why not try to show the truest self? If you want a better look, you may want to apply a small amount of moisturizing lotion to your hair.

Towering Liu Haier

This season’s vintage dates back to the court age, and the hairstyle is as gorgeous and elegant as the nobility. Liu Haier combed back to the back of the head, so that Liu Haier formed a towering bun on the top of the head, with a Show wigs smooth and shiny hair, and the gorgeous and noble temperament immediately showed up. The main point of the hairstyle is that Liu Haier should be towering, and the two hairs must be docile.

Covering Liu Haier

Tired of unchanging Qi Liu Haier and partial Liu Haier? Let’s try this season’s hottest retro-slung Liu Haier. The long-distance Liu Haier, who was slightly messy in front of the forehead, almost covered the entire forehead. Liu Haier’s natural looseness is the key to modeling. It can not only control the elegant and dignified feeling, but also manage the handsome and handsome feeling. The most important thing is that it is easy to build! You only need some gel to fix the curvature of Liu Haier.

Korean pretty wigs, sweet style is the most pleasant

Lead: Change your hair style with your heart, and wig is your best choice. What wig hairstyles are popular recently? Look at the wig interpretation of Korean models together. The sweet and charming lady style long hair and medium long Korean pretty wigs hair are still the hot trend of the wig; the long hair girls who want to try short hair are also…

With the change of hair style, the wig is your best choice. What wig hairstyles are popular recently? Look at the wig interpretation of Korean models together. The sweet and beautiful lady style long hair and medium long hair are still the hot trend of the wig; but the long hair girls who want to try short hair may also try the cute wave head short hair, there will be unexpected surprises!

Qi Liu Hai long curly hair

Korean pretty wigs

The role of non-mainstream wig hair styles is that girls can not only easily change from long hair to short hair, but also easily change from short hair to long hair. This Qi Liu Hai hair style has no heavy dullness of Korean pretty wigs other curls, but more of a very fresh style. If you like, you can also wear a cute hair accessory or hat.

Pretty bob head short hair

First of all, the non-mainstream wig hairstyle to be introduced to you is short hair wave hair type. Long hair and short hair is not a miracle, as long as a wig can be flat. Summer is coming, and the temperature will rise. At this time, the long-haired MM must be envious and hateful for short-haired girls, but they are Korean pretty wigs not willing to cut short hair. So, still lose a short hair style to wear it.

Boy perm wig Trendy male perm wig hairstyle

Boys are very beautiful, more and more trendy men pay attention to fashion boys’ hairstyles, and boys’ hair styles are no longer simple to trim, more and more boys who like perm, and bring you five models Boy perm wig today. Handsome boy perm hairstyle.

Sunshine Boys Wig Hairstyle

The hair is multi-gradiently trimmed to create a rich layer, and then combined with a little curly hair to give off the sun.

Refreshing short hair wig hairstyle

Boy perm wig

The length of the hair is very short, revealing the Boy perm wig ear, feeling refreshed and clean, with chocolate color hair dyeing platform fashion, is also suitable for the tide man.

Boy perm wig hairstyle

Black boy short hair wig

Simple cut with a small perm root, so that the Boy perm wig entire hair style is fluffy, bangs slightly upturned, very individual.

Handsome boy short hair wig

Slanted bangs and eyebrows, repaired a small face, mixed with dark hair dyed hairline to reveal a more refreshing ear.

Sunshine Boys Wig Hairstyle

The stylish chestnut-colored hair lining the skin, a little electric hair creates a messy fluffy feeling, and the oblique bangs make the boys look gentle and elegant.

This layered short hair styling uses a slightly shredded hair to create a layered look,

and the top and back of the head look more full,

with a very young orange hair color, Han Xing Fan children!

Boy perm wig Trendy male perm wig hairstyle

After dealing with the short hair of the boys,

the slight wave of hair between the hair increases the sexy and handsome of the male. Liu Hai also adds a sense of weight due to the curling curvature, exuding a charming taste.

This classic Korean male hairstyle, the black hair color looks more simple, straight and short hair highlights the handsome face!

wig ponytail uk create a sweet and energetic girl

The short haircut sometimes wants to tie a beautiful ponytail, but the hair is too short. In fact, the short hair can also be put on a wig ponytail uk beautiful long ponytail. Today, I will introduce a wig ponytail to everyone, come and try it!

This pony tail is braided, and the stylish linen dyed, with a tall ponytail, looks like a wig with a wig that is close to the lady.

side view:
From the side, the stylish dyeing highlights the white complexion, a simple and sweet girl.

wig ponytail uk

Prepare the wig ponytail and choose the appropriate wig ponytail uk color according to your original hair color.

The short hair girl puts her hair together.

The wigs of the wigs are applied to the hair band, and when they are tied, you will see the effect of a long ponytail.

Wig ponytail uk create a sweet and energetic girl

The wig ponytail can also be placed on the shoulders at will, and it will not fall easily.

Short-haired girls can also have long ponytails and learn quickly!

Human Hair Wigs
Africa American Wigs
Synthetic Wigs
Lace Front Wigs
Costume / Cosplay Wigs arty Wigs

As the oldest art material, paper always provides creative inspiration for artists, and its great plasticity makes many ancient spirits and perfect shapes perfectly interpret. In other words, the designers nikki salk and amy flurry were invited to create a series of interesting paper wigs. They used paper characteristics to cut and combine, and then used interesting themes to complete this fashionable and artistic fusion.


Charming long curly hair wigs

Very exotic country style girl’s charm, Ping Qi Liu Hai Xiu Yan, can immediately play the role of face-lifting, hair fluffy tape, looks very hair wigs natural and realistic, like Lori girl wig girl can consider this hairstyle.

hair wigs

Very youthful and beautiful pink hair color non-mainstream wig, the shawl’s mid-length hair style is made into a fluffy mess, both women’s sexy and feminine charm, but also highlights the female personality of the post-90s.

A pretty non-mainstream girl’s fashion hairstyle, fluffy and casual long hair hot and messy curls, you can create a cute Korean hairstyle that is very eye-catching.

Charming long curly hair wigs

The stylish long hair is tied up with a high ponytail bun, which easily shows the youthful vitality of the girl, the non-mainstream ponytail wig with dynamic curl, and the lady’s well-behaved taste. This non-mainstream hairstyle is very elegant and charming. Oh.

Forever stylish young maroon long curly hair non-mainstream wig,

can increase the girl’s cute atmosphere, twisting the wave curls,

instantly enhance the pure sense of the crush, hairstyle is simple and attractive.

This half-moon curved fashion bangs hairstyle has a beautiful atmosphere of non-mainstream personalized hairstyles after 90s. The supple bangs cover the brows, highlighting a pair of watery eyes,

a rich and long hair wig hairstyle, and a cute doll’s cute hair. feel.

Charming long curly hair wigs

A wig hairstyle that is both individual and sweet, the neat and thick Qi Liu can easily cover the forehead,

while the long curly hair is good for stretching the face,

so that the face is under the cover of the hair on both sides,

showing the texture of the small face.

This heavy bangs hairstyle covers the forehead, highlighting the gods’ eyes, very pretty and charming.

The non-mainstream hair style of the medium and long curly hair is very youthful and fashionable,

and the soft-curved wigs show the gentle temperament of the girls.