Egg roll wig Korean sweet lady style egg wig

Non-girls and children are very fond of Korean hair styles. In recent years, Korean style egg rolls are very hot. If you don’t want to Egg roll wig cut hair, but you want to try MM, you can try to realize it through wigs. Let’s take a look at the sweet lady style Korean style recommended for everyone today. Egg roll head!

Egg roll wig

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Dark brown egg roll wig
Long curly hair is the most elegant and charming. And now with a wig bangs, whether it is a natural oblique bangs, or a hot bangs, you can mix with your heart without worrying about damaging your hair.


Brown egg roll wig
The middle point is the temperament sister must have bangs. However, if you are worried that the middle points are not suitable for you, then try Egg roll wig a split egg wig to try it out. The color of the beautiful hair is also very fresh.

Brown black egg roll wig
The long curly hair is soft and elegant, and the hair color is natural. After wearing it, I can’t see it as a wig.

Brown egg roll wig
The inside of the bangs is aging and repairing. The curled egg roll is sexy and charming. It is decorated with a bow tie. Is it cute?

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Brown black egg roll curls
Dignified and elegant girls can try this egg-neck wig, the hair is cut along the cheeks, and the delicate face shape, with a plain dress, is absolutely beautiful.

Brown egg head
This egg roll head is the same as the previous one, but the MM with lighter color and less white skin is more suitable for this one.

Brown egg roll wig
The temperament of the goose egg face, melon face girl is more suitable for this egg roll wig. Long curly hair stretches your cheeks, and the Egg roll wig side is long and bangs, while not forgetting to show your good face, very temperament.

Maroon egg roll wig
The thick and full oblique bangs swayed down the eyebrows, highlighting the sleek eyes. The romantic swinging egg roll has a long, fragrant scent, lovely and charming.

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Highlighting egg roll head
The favorite of the hipsters is to highlight the hair color. Wigs can Egg roll wig also achieve this effect. Is the egg roll head like the picture above very amazing?

Black egg head
The biggest role of long curly hair is to be able to stretch the face lines, and Qi Liu Hai can also modify the face shape, the two match, sweet and beautiful.

Black egg head

Black and elegant, Qi Liu Hai black egg roll long curly hair repair effect is very obvious.