Korean wig egg head Hair Extension uk

The fresh and fashionable brown hair color is the most gentle temperament of the girl, and the stylish short hair wig egg roll head design adds to the Korean wig gentle and gentle style of the little girl.

Long hair control sister paper can take a look at this simple girl wig egg head hair style,

with fresh and elegant long hair design,

and stylish coffee hair color and oblique shape, simple egg roll The head design is equally gentle and charming.

Korean wig egg head Hair Extension uk

Korean wig

It is a sexy fashion girl with a wig hair style, with a bright golden color to add a girl’s youthful vitality,

but also a full personality of European and American style,

with a long bangs in the form of oblique bangs The wigs of the wigs are equally attractive.

The bangs design in the form of broken hair adds a Korean wig girl’s agile temperament,

coupled with a stylish brown hair color and a short hair style wig hair style,

a delicate starfish hairpin adds a gentle and lovely feeling.

A fresh college-style fashion girl’s wig hair style picture, with a pure black hair color,

and a wig with a long hair style in the form of a bangs

with a sense of air adds a sweet and lovely college style.