High quality realistic fashion wig

With a wig, you no longer have to worry about how to trim your hair, how to make hair styling, fear of injury, and so on. Pick a favorite, and then with a good look, whether it is to go to work, shopping or participate in PARTY are fashion wig very easy to use!

Wine red long hair

Super beauty and supernatural wig hair is one of the most popular choices for MM who are afraid of injury.

short hair

Long hair becomes short hair, and it takes only a few fashion wig seconds to become a handsome queen. Fashionable hair color is also the key point, which can transform your personality into a fashionista.

High quality realistic fashion wig

fashion wig

Long brown hair

This wig is very vivid and vivid. The thick Qi Liuhai has the feeling of Barbie. The curl of the tail wave can help you decorate your face.

Shoulder short hair

This shoulder-length short hair with a student girl will allow you to return to the once innocent time and embrace the beautiful memories.

Long brown hair

Like the stylish brown hair color MM, choose this long hair just to fashion wig make you become friendly and intellectual.

Bob head wig

Trying to be as cute and explosive as the Lolly girl, the BOB head shape is perfect.

Long blond hair

Very light-colored long hair, for the hair MM is also a must-have wig in the fashion wig makeup box. Japanese bangs, romantic hair curling, very comical feeling.

Wig ponytail sale What if the hair is too short and the ponytail is not good?

How to bring a wig with a ponytail? It’s hard to get a ponytail. The hair is too short. The ponytail doesn’t look good. Then the wig ponytail comes in handy! Choosing a wig with the wig ponytail sale same color or the same hair color can make you light. The loose short hair becomes longer.

wig ponytail sale

old fashion beauty

How to bring a wig with a ponytail? It’s hard to get a ponytail. The hair is too short. The ponytail doesn’t look good. Then the wig ponytail comes in handy!

Choosing a wig with a hair color that is similar to the color of your hair or the same hair color can make you easy to grow and grow. Nowadays, there are more and more wigs in the style of ponytail, such as straight hair ponytail, pony tail, curly pony tail, corn hot ponytail, and gradient ponytail, etc., all kinds of wig ponytail sale choices for you to create a different style and modeling. After buying a wig with a satisfactory wig, how can the wigs of the wigs be combined with their own hair? Next, Xiaobian teaches you how to bring a wig.

The long hair is the most entangled in the girls, the hair is short, not short and long, and the next step is just a few simple steps. You will know how to bring the wigs!

Wig ponytail sale What if the hair is too short and the ponytail is not good?

First, comb the hair first; then, use a rubber band to tie a ponytail; let’s take a look at the side effect, the pony tail is too short to look perfect; the wig ponytail is usually strap-type, with a steel fork on the inside, more fixed Live the Human Hair Wigs ponytail; insert the steel fork vertically into the hair at the end of the ponytail; make the wig ponytail uk completely wrap your hair, and wrap the band around the pony tail for a few turns.

Knot the knot under the pony tail, remember not to kill the knot! (Some crushes like to make a beautiful bow); Then take a small and moderate hair under the pony tail and wrap it around the strap; fix the hair with a small clip Silk, make the wig ponytail uk effect more realistic and natural; this is done! Look at the final effect! The long hair fluttering pony tail looks particularly temperament! This time we demonstrate the straight hair ponytail, the other style of wig ponytail is also like this Oh!

If you are a person with a high demand for wigs, the wearing effect of the wig ponytail still can not meet your needs, then Tang style invisible seamless hair extension will definitely make you wig ponytail sale change shape, short hair lengthening, long hair shortening, nowhere Can’t!

Cheap hair extensions

With the wear of the stars, wigs are also loved by more and more MMs. Today, I will introduce you to several simple and cheap hair extensions easy-to-use Korean wigs. I like them.

With the wear of the stars, the wigs are also loved by more and more MMs. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to several simple and easy-to-use Korean wigs. Look at the MM that you like.

cheap hair extensions

This long wig has a natural curvature and is divided into bangs to modify the MM’s small face. The total length is about 67cm, and there are more colors to choose from. It will be more convenient and quicker to carry the whole wig, and it will be more natural. The short-haired MMs don’t have to wait for the hair to grow longer.

Qi Liu Hai and the hair of the tail of the big volume match, in order to create a charming little face, the effect of age reduction is better. The hair is fluffy and natural, and the MM is very cute. The long brown hair makes the MM more white and beautiful, fresh and pleasant.

Cheap hair extensions Create personal exclusive fashion

The long straight hair piece with a width of about 30cm and a length of about 51cm makes the MM instantly become a goddess. It is also more convenient to wear.

The hair color of this highlight wig is larger than the color of the previous candy, and the color is relatively low-key and natural. In addition to the pursuit of personality MM, you want to increase the amount of MM can also choose to use. MM with short or curly hair can be diy on its own.

Look at the contrast before and after, with bangs MM is more cute and young? And fake bangs are easy to wear, and daily care is relatively simple. As shown in the figure, you can easily and appropriately transform the bangs. The most beautiful thing is that MMs no longer have to worry about Liu Haichang being too fast.

Natural hair color, patchwork and harmonious curly ponytail help to create a MM casual lazy goddess fan. After MM, you don’t have to worry about the ponytail.

Short hair wig piece Wonderful and playful short hair

What kind of hairstyle is better for girls with short hair? Short hair girls are not only dull short hair can be used, there are many short hair are all playful and generous, and when combing short hair, I am reluctant to highlight my short hair wig piece short hair, try wig film is also very good ~ short hair What color hair clips look good, wonderful and playful short hair pictures give you a good look!

Short hair wig piece hairstyle

The hair style of the short hair wig is the layer on the top of the hair. First, It will be no different from real hair.

Short hair Qi Liu Hai wig hairstyle

First, Two color wigs bring special charm to girls, short hair bangs with wigs, hair on the top of the hair comb is full of curves, wigs are attached to the short hair wig piece forehead, fixed in front of the bangs comb It is very fashionable to comb.

What color hair piece is good for short hair?

short hair wig piece

Short hair split haircut hairstyle

First,  The short hair style is very fashionable. The purple hair is short hair wig piece good with the black hair. It is suitable for less hair.

First, What kind of wigs do girls with short hair look better? In the place where the bangs are in front of the bangs, the wigs are matched in the middle of the bangs hair, and the short hair wig piece short-haired girls’ wigs are more suitable.
On the upper part, there will be a part of the hair covering the hair root. First, When doing the hairstyle, try to fit the hair color of your own. The hairstyle you make will be better.

Hair extensions uk The secret of wig maintenance

Many women who love beauty can’t make their hair damaged, but after having a wig with different hair styles, how do you want to change your hair style? However, the price of good quality wigs is also very expensive. The wig will not hair extensions uk have a beautiful feeling. Learning how to maintain a wig is also a matter of learning.

The maintenance of wigs is usually carried out mainly from the three aspects of washing, wearing and putting. Then let’s take a look at how to maintain the wig.

First, the secret of wig maintenance, washing wigs have flaws

 hair extensions uk

The first step in maintaining a wig is to wash the wig. Washing wigs is warm water, first immersed in warm water for 3 minutes, soaking for too long is not advisable, and the water temperature should not be too high, too hot will damage the wig and reduce the life of the wig. When washing, you can take a small amount of hair extensions uk shampoo and wash it by hand. High-quality wigs can also be used to maintain wigs, such as conditioners, after cleaning, because high-quality wigs are mostly woven with real hair.

The process of shampooing should be noted that the washing process can not be used too hard, can not be soaked for a long time, absolutely can not be hair extensions uk put into the washing machine to clean, will cause the wig to be scattered. After using the wig for a long time, be sure to clean it, and do not keep a little hair care products.

The secret of wig maintenance hair extensions uk

Second, the secret of wig maintenance, the correct wear wig

I have to say that many people always have a lot of problems when wearing wigs. Some wigs have an adjustable hair cover. When you wear it, you can adjust the hair cover so that you can adjust it to your own size. At the same time, don’t use brute force to pull the wig during the wearing process. When wearing a wig, you should also take hair wigs care of the wig, do not expose to the sun or be soaked in acid rain.

Third, the secret of wig maintenance, the correct storage of wigs

Randomly storing the wig will result in damage to the quality of the wig. Therefore, maintenance wigs should pay attention to the way of hair extensions uk storage. After thoroughly cleaning the wig, let the wig dry and store in a dry and ventilated place, which will extend the life of the wig. If you don’t wear a wig for a long time, you should thoroughly clean it, do not leave any chemical ingredients, and air it, because moisture can cause corrosion.

Tips: If you want to make the wig last longer and stay bright,

these three main points are still very necessary. Women who love beauty should pay more attention to it.

Good quality wig

Teach you to be a fake issuer Good quality wig

Good quality wig

Amy’s MM can’t help but have a few wigs, whether it’s one or a few tops, indicating that everyone’s consciousness is more and more eager for changing styles. The wig in the home has a common problem. If you don’t take it often, it will become rough and dull after being placed for a while. At this time, it can only be litter, but a wig is not like a roll of toilet paper. So cheap, it is a waste. Is there any way to make our wigs shine permanently and form like real hair? Here to teach you a few tricks, let us become good quality wig experts in nursing wigs!

Teach you to choose a good quality wig

In the face of the market’s dazzling array of wig products, the quality is uneven, and some wigs will be seen on the head as a “fake” hair. When everyone looks at your shape from the same perspective, the feeling is very embarrassing. Still learn to choose a top quality wig!

At present, the types of wigs on the market are classified Hair Extension Sale into three types: chemical fiber, human hair, chemical fiber and real hair.

1. The common ones are chemical fiber, which is  cheaper and has a more “fake” effect. Unless you are a cosplay video gamer or a catwalk catwalk model, wearing a wig in this real life is not suitable for shopping.

2. The use of real people in film and television dramas, the price is more expensive.

3. The combination of chemical fiber and human hair is the most suitable wig for use in life. It can achieve the effect of realism, and the price is over 200 yuan.

Teach you to be a fake issuer

First: consider the net of the wig

When choosing a wig, you must first look at the comfort and breathability of the net material. It is best to wear it and try to feel itchy and irritating. Then pull the elastic band inside the wig and don’t choose too loose. Because the wig is good quality wig loose after wearing it for a while, but it can’t be too tight. If there are conditions, it is best to make it.

Second: fire, hair, identify hair is good or bad

Then look at the texture of the hair, the general quality of the wig, burning the hair with a fire will give an unpleasant smell, there is a way to open the hair dryer to the strong heat file, the entire air outlet on the wig 3~5 Seconds (the time should not be too long, so that the net material will be broken), if it is a real person, there will be no problem, if it is other materials, it will reveal the horse’s feet and give off an unpleasant smell.

Third: choose a wig that suits your skin tone

The wig should be worn in harmony with the skin tone. In the case of hair, try to choose the color that is the same or close to your own hair color. When the hair volume is small or you have no hair, you should choose according to the good quality wig skin color. For complexion, choose brown-yellow and light-brown wigs; black and brown-black wigs should be chosen for black skin; maroon and dark-brown wigs should be chosen for skin color yellow; wigs should be selected according to makeup color and light for participation in makeup evenings, such as Wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red, etc.

Korean fashion pop wig

The sense of air bangs highlights mm without big eyes, the shawl has long hair and hair ends, and the curl is flexible and natural, so that mm can pop wig easily transform into a little princess.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

pop wig

The Korean-style oblique bangs with air and the pear head of the shoulder are very cute and cute, and more fashionable and sweet than the previous one.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

This one is very studentish and has a long hair fashion wig, which is very sweet and age-reducing.

Korean fashion pop wig

Liu Hai, who is four or six points, runs down the line of his face, and his shoulders are long and asymmetrical, slightly elastic, full of movement, fresh and sweet, and a fashionable wig with an elite white-collar feel.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

If you want long hair and waist mm, you can try this wig. The air feels bangs highlights mm without big eyes, and the waist long hair spiral curls, fluffy and cute.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

The thick Qi Liu is innocent and age-reducing, and the pop wig long waist is curled and curled. It is light and smart, and it is very fashionable and fresh.

This and the waist roll head, let mm seconds become a little princess in a fairy tale, very thin and sweet.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

The two-eighth bangs are sweet and natural,

and the long hair of the chest is rolled up to the side, which is even more lazy and sexy.

Nine Korean fashion pop wigs, pure temptation, sweet age

The curly-headed pear head of the shoulder is very pure and pop wig sweet,

and it is even more innocent with the bangs.

Korean wig egg head Hair Extension uk

The fresh and fashionable brown hair color is the most gentle temperament of the girl, and the stylish short hair wig egg roll head design adds to the Korean wig gentle and gentle style of the little girl.

Long hair control sister paper can take a look at this simple girl wig egg head hair style,

with fresh and elegant long hair design,

and stylish coffee hair color and oblique shape, simple egg roll The head design is equally gentle and charming.

Korean wig egg head Hair Extension uk

Korean wig

It is a sexy fashion girl with a wig hair style, with a bright golden color to add a girl’s youthful vitality,

but also a full personality of European and American style,

with a long bangs in the form of oblique bangs The wigs of the wigs are equally attractive.

The bangs design in the form of broken hair adds a Korean wig girl’s agile temperament,

coupled with a stylish brown hair color and a short hair style wig hair style,

a delicate starfish hairpin adds a gentle and lovely feeling.

A fresh college-style fashion girl’s wig hair style picture, with a pure black hair color,

and a wig with a long hair style in the form of a bangs

with a sense of air adds a sweet and lovely college style.

Colorful wigs, feminine

Today’s hottest hairstyle
Although everyone knows that perm hair dye will damage hair, but modern people can stand the temptation of fashion! Fortunately, the hair is not affected by the point loss, anyway, the new hair will grow out, the colorful wigs beautiful hair style can bring a good mood to be more important! It is reported that some researchers have found that people who have done plastic surgery will live longer, because after he is dressed, he feels more comfortable and has confidence, so he can grow his life. The above viewpoints have yet to be verified, but changing a good hair style can change a good mood. This is the truth of everyone’s approval.

Compared with last year, this year’s fashion hairstyles are more diverse: perm is still popular, and straight hair can also be cut out. Generally speaking, the middle and long hair are more popular this year. Ladies may wish to colorful wigs take the “needs” according to their face, temperament and overall style.

So what hairstyle to change this summer? Please pay attention to the following trends of the latest hairstyles – color –

Pink most avant-garde

colorful wigs

Color, or color! With the trend of the times, dyeing hair is still an important part of the hairdressing industry. Because hair dyeing techniques have broken the tradition in the past two years, they are no longer single.

Messy, colorful wig, feminine

The color is mainly in the direction of film dyeing, block dyeing and interval dyeing. This year, local dyeing will also be the mainstream. Many fashion women love to use a local highlighting hair dyeing method to highlight the color of a certain part of the head, thus creating a personalized and fashionable effect.

In short, uniform hair color is not enough for avant-garde at present. This year’s hair dyeing trend will be colored according to different hair styles. It can be dyed in two or three colors at the same time, using a combination of cold colorful wigs and warm colors.

It is worth mentioning that in the past people were more likely to accept more conservative colors, and now most women can not only accept hair color, but also choose the color more bold. Under the guidance of European and American fashion trends, the popular colors are more colorful and colorful. If you want to colorful wigs try to keep up with the trend of colors, try pink. Pink in the fashion industry is a good way to dye a pink hair.

Curly hair – a little messy

Perm technology has been continuously developed and improved in recent years. In addition to the popular ceramics in recent years, common perm techniques include chopsticks, spirals, and sponges. According to hair stylist Zheng Jieming, the computer-controlled fixed perm Perm SensorPerm has begun to colorful wigs sell well abroad, and this year will be popular in China.

In terms of hair style, there has been a new change in the perm trend. The perm of the big waves will become a trend. The characteristics are young, not old-fashioned, and the style tends to be messy. Under the big hair, this year’s perm hairstyle will be more exaggerated, it looks really like a headgear.

Gold brown wigs

Guide: Gold-brown wigs have different styles, whether it is natural and elegant, or a little non-mainstream in elegance, or it can be easily  done by turning into a big princess. Here we introduce 3 different styles of golden brown wigs.

Golden brown wigs have different styles, whether it is natural and elegant, or a little non-mainstream in elegance, or it can be easily done by turning into a big princess. Here we introduce 3 different styles of golden brown wigs.

1, natural elegant gold brown wigs

The layered micro-volume long curly hair wig, naturally does not significantly enhance the design of the curl, to create a star version of the dreamy shape, elegant and long hair style makes you look like a sweet princess, the short hair style becomes long hair , the trend of people’s attention to the Queen!

Gold brown wigs, full of fashion and gorgeous

2, elegant limit gold brown wigs

gold brown wigs

According to the thick loose hair, the edge of the long perm, the layer of hair on the surface will more highlight the thickness of the hairstyle,

the eyes, more emphasis on the overall cooperation with the bangs,

just like the sweetness of the birth of a doll. The perm stick wraps around the entire thick, plus the soft texture,

so the choice of gold hair color will look more like a Barbie doll.

3, big wave princess gold brown wigs

This golden brown princess wavy wig that shows women’s

gentle and feminine side will make you a perfect big wave like a Japanese actress,

a wig with a length to the waist, giving you a sexy princess-like impression,

let your Short hair can be lengthened at any time to create your own fashion hairstyle!

The stylish golden brown wig can make you more beautiful and more noble and generous. No matter what style you want to create, stylish wigs can get you done quickly.