Cheap hair extensions

With the wear of the stars, wigs are also loved by more and more MMs. Today, I will introduce you to several simple and cheap hair extensions easy-to-use Korean wigs. I like them.

With the wear of the stars, the wigs are also loved by more and more MMs. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to several simple and easy-to-use Korean wigs. Look at the MM that you like.

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This long wig has a natural curvature and is divided into bangs to modify the MM’s small face. The total length is about 67cm, and there are more colors to choose from. It will be more convenient and quicker to carry the whole wig, and it will be more natural. The short-haired MMs don’t have to wait for the hair to grow longer.

Qi Liu Hai and the hair of the tail of the big volume match, in order to create a charming little face, the effect of age reduction is better. The hair is fluffy and natural, and the MM is very cute. The long brown hair makes the MM more white and beautiful, fresh and pleasant.

Cheap hair extensions Create personal exclusive fashion

The long straight hair piece with a width of about 30cm and a length of about 51cm makes the MM instantly become a goddess. It is also more convenient to wear.

The hair color of this highlight wig is larger than the color of the previous candy, and the color is relatively low-key and natural. In addition to the pursuit of personality MM, you want to increase the amount of MM can also choose to use. MM with short or curly hair can be diy on its own.

Look at the contrast before and after, with bangs MM is more cute and young? And fake bangs are easy to wear, and daily care is relatively simple. As shown in the figure, you can easily and appropriately transform the bangs. The most beautiful thing is that MMs no longer have to worry about Liu Haichang being too fast.

Natural hair color, patchwork and harmonious curly ponytail help to create a MM casual lazy goddess fan. After MM, you don’t have to worry about the ponytail.