Cosplay wigs

Guide: Do you have a cosplay partner? In this issue, I specially invite cosplay god to Cosplay wigs personally demonstrate how best to shape cos wigs.

If you like cosplay, you must have a variety of wigs, but do you know how to fix the wig? If you don’t know, just wait for the cosplay god to personally demonstrate how to shape the cos wig.

How to fix cos wig

Preparation tools: hair net, hair clip, wig

First of all, we need to take care of our hair, make it more docile, then put on the hair net, put all the hair in the hair net, remember to cover your hairline!

Cosplay wigs

Then grab the tail of the hair net by hand, gently pull it up, adjust the position of the hair net, then we have to adjust the thickness of the Cosplay wigs hair to a thick and thin, use the hair clip to fix the hair net.

When wearing a wig, we need to use both hands to hold the inside of the wig, let it fully unfold and then put it on the head. After wearing the wig, we need to adjust the position of the wig and take care of it.

Cosplay God for you personally demonstrate cos wig how to finalize

For those who need to reinforce the wig shape, use a proper amount of water to moisten the wig, then use the hot air of the hair dryer to dry it. Finally, apply a proper amount of styling gel or spray to the hair.


1. When setting up the cos wig, the hot air temperature of the hair dryer should not be too high, otherwise the wig will lose its moistureiness and become dry and rancid.

2, as far as possible, choose a mild styling Cosplay wigs product for wig shaping, so as not to damage the wig, so that your wig life is shorter.

3, after the cos, please remember to take good care of your wig, after cleaning the wig must be kept dry, carefully stored.