Curly hair wig

The stylish wavy curly hair makes you feel the ideal wig of  curly hair wig long hair, and the red hair is lively and generous.

The ponytail is full of youthful vitality, highlighting the exquisite facial features.

How long does it take to stay long hair? There will be! The color of the black hair is natural and generous, and the long hair is straight and cute. At the same time, the wig of the wig has a three-seven bangs that divides the femininity.

A simple feminine hairstyle, the ponytail of the curly hair wig is soft

curly hair wig

This egg-neck wig is cute and natural, with a fresh and lovely temperament, and a bright color for a stylish look.

If the hair volume is not enough, you can use this wig to pop wig create this Korean style hair, high hair curling hair with a headband, a fashionista.

This bangs’ cute hair style not only ages but also highlights the cute and lovely side of the girl.

A simple feminine hairstyle, the ponytail of the curly hair wig is soft and attractive, leaving a few strands of hair to show a ladylike temperament.

If you are not satisfied with your big pie face shape,

it is the most labor-saving and effective way to modify it with abundance of hair. The hot curly hair wig of corn is very texture, plus the age of Qi Liu.

The sweet MM with this cute haircut really complements each other. The short curly hair wig is easier to care for,

and it is gentle and quiet, and the soft feeling makes people feel good.