High quality realistic fashion wig

With a wig, you no longer have to worry about how to trim your hair, how to make hair styling, fear of injury, and so on. Pick a favorite, and then with a good look, whether it is to go to work, shopping or participate in PARTY are fashion wig very easy to use!

Wine red long hair

Super beauty and supernatural wig hair is one of the most popular choices for MM who are afraid of injury.

short hair

Long hair becomes short hair, and it takes only a few fashion wig seconds to become a handsome queen. Fashionable hair color is also the key point, which can transform your personality into a fashionista.

High quality realistic fashion wig

fashion wig

Long brown hair

This wig is very vivid and vivid. The thick Qi Liuhai has the feeling of Barbie. The curl of the tail wave can help you decorate your face.

Shoulder short hair

This shoulder-length short hair with a student girl will allow you to return to the once innocent time and embrace the beautiful memories.

Long brown hair

Like the stylish brown hair color MM, choose this long hair just to fashion wig make you become friendly and intellectual.

Bob head wig

Trying to be as cute and explosive as the Lolly girl, the BOB head shape is perfect.

Long blond hair

Very light-colored long hair, for the hair MM is also a must-have wig in the fashion wig makeup box. Japanese bangs, romantic hair curling, very comical feeling.

Fashion girl wigs

Guide: Good-looking fashion girl wigs hairstyle pictures: oblique bangs honey brown curly hair, Qi Liuhai linen brown long pear head and cute wave head short hair.

In recent years, wigs have been loved and sought after by many girls. Now, in order to satisfy you, this article brings you a few stylish fashion girl wigs and beautiful girls wig hairstyle pictures, dear! Don’t miss it!

One: oblique bangs honey brown curly hair

fashion girl wigs

With the design of the oblique bangs, it looks very sweet. The dyed honey brown hair color is more fashionable, curly hair tail, and the face repair effect is super good. Still very young! With such a girl’s wig hair on the street, I believe that your return rate must be very high!

Good-looking fashion girl wigs

Two: Qi Liuhai linen brown long pear flower head

A sweet pear girl loves the long pear head, Qi Liuhai builds, is to show a sweet fan, long curly hair on the shoulder, but also a more beautiful! A light linen brown hair color is a set of white cheeks, super beautiful! This wig hairstyle is worth having!

Three: cute wave head short hair

Cute and fresh, a short wave of hair, cut bangs, sweet and cute, short hair ends, looks a fresh face, brown hair is more fashionable! Such a fashion girl wigs nice and stylish Bobo head short wig, do you like it? Try it out!

Four: small fresh no bangs long curly hair

There is no bangs in front of DIY, revealing a smooth forehead, it is very refreshing, cheeks curled up the tail, modified the face, super fashion girl wigs beautiful! Very fresh! Add some hair accessories to make the effect even better! Really a very good wig hairstyle!

Five: Qi Liu Hai brown yellow long curly hair

The front is the cut bangs, the sweet beauty is presented, the brownish yellow hair color is the fashion side, the volume and the fluffy hair ends, both face repairing and age reduction. In front of the camera,

a cute expression will make you add cute, very fashionable, the most fashionable wig hairstyle for girls!

Boy perm wig Trendy male perm wig hairstyle

Boys are very beautiful, more and more trendy men pay attention to fashion boys’ hairstyles, and boys’ hair styles are no longer simple to trim, more and more boys who like perm, and bring you five models Boy perm wig today. Handsome boy perm hairstyle.

Sunshine Boys Wig Hairstyle

The hair is multi-gradiently trimmed to create a rich layer, and then combined with a little curly hair to give off the sun.

Refreshing short hair wig hairstyle

Boy perm wig

The length of the hair is very short, revealing the Boy perm wig ear, feeling refreshed and clean, with chocolate color hair dyeing platform fashion, is also suitable for the tide man.

Boy perm wig hairstyle

Black boy short hair wig

Simple cut with a small perm root, so that the Boy perm wig entire hair style is fluffy, bangs slightly upturned, very individual.

Handsome boy short hair wig

Slanted bangs and eyebrows, repaired a small face, mixed with dark hair dyed hairline to reveal a more refreshing ear.

Sunshine Boys Wig Hairstyle

The stylish chestnut-colored hair lining the skin, a little electric hair creates a messy fluffy feeling, and the oblique bangs make the boys look gentle and elegant.

This layered short hair styling uses a slightly shredded hair to create a layered look,

and the top and back of the head look more full,

with a very young orange hair color, Han Xing Fan children!

Boy perm wig Trendy male perm wig hairstyle

After dealing with the short hair of the boys,

the slight wave of hair between the hair increases the sexy and handsome of the male. Liu Hai also adds a sense of weight due to the curling curvature, exuding a charming taste.

This classic Korean male hairstyle, the black hair color looks more simple, straight and short hair highlights the handsome face!

Egg roll wig Korean sweet lady style egg wig

Non-girls and children are very fond of Korean hair styles. In recent years, Korean style egg rolls are very hot. If you don’t want to Egg roll wig cut hair, but you want to try MM, you can try to realize it through wigs. Let’s take a look at the sweet lady style Korean style recommended for everyone today. Egg roll head!

Egg roll wig

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Dark brown egg roll wig
Long curly hair is the most elegant and charming. And now with a wig bangs, whether it is a natural oblique bangs, or a hot bangs, you can mix with your heart without worrying about damaging your hair.


Brown egg roll wig
The middle point is the temperament sister must have bangs. However, if you are worried that the middle points are not suitable for you, then try Egg roll wig a split egg wig to try it out. The color of the beautiful hair is also very fresh.

Brown black egg roll wig
The long curly hair is soft and elegant, and the hair color is natural. After wearing it, I can’t see it as a wig.

Brown egg roll wig
The inside of the bangs is aging and repairing. The curled egg roll is sexy and charming. It is decorated with a bow tie. Is it cute?

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Brown black egg roll curls
Dignified and elegant girls can try this egg-neck wig, the hair is cut along the cheeks, and the delicate face shape, with a plain dress, is absolutely beautiful.

Brown egg head
This egg roll head is the same as the previous one, but the MM with lighter color and less white skin is more suitable for this one.

Brown egg roll wig
The temperament of the goose egg face, melon face girl is more suitable for this egg roll wig. Long curly hair stretches your cheeks, and the Egg roll wig side is long and bangs, while not forgetting to show your good face, very temperament.

Maroon egg roll wig
The thick and full oblique bangs swayed down the eyebrows, highlighting the sleek eyes. The romantic swinging egg roll has a long, fragrant scent, lovely and charming.

Korean sweet lady style egg wig (Egg roll wig)

Highlighting egg roll head
The favorite of the hipsters is to highlight the hair color. Wigs can Egg roll wig also achieve this effect. Is the egg roll head like the picture above very amazing?

Black egg head
The biggest role of long curly hair is to be able to stretch the face lines, and Qi Liu Hai can also modify the face shape, the two match, sweet and beautiful.

Black egg head

Black and elegant, Qi Liu Hai black egg roll long curly hair repair effect is very obvious.