Hair Extension Sale How to wear a wig?

Choose a wig that is slightly lighter than your own hair color. When it is full and smooth, it also creates a good effect. hair extension The hair bundle can not only be self-determined, but also can be washed, burned, cut, blown, and freely changed.

hair extension

Shape after hair extension

Hair bundle for hair extension
Choose hair bundles made from real hair, they can naturally blend into the original texture of the hair, while also washing like your own hair, and then dry it.

step 1
To attach to the roots, first fix most of the hair on the top of the head.
Step 2
Firstly If the hair has just been washed, you can use some dry hair extension shampoo, relying on the sprayed particles to increase the friction of the scalp and hair roots, making the hairpin less likely to slip.

Hair Extension Sale How to wear a wig?

Step 3
Use a comb to comb the hair to the wig area and fasten it.
Step 4
Wig bundles generally have two or three fixed hair clips. Check them before pinching them to make sure that each set of small teeth is intact and open.

Step 5
Hold the hair clips on the hair bundles, and then clip them to the hair roots of the already combed hair. Try to be close to the scalp.
Step 6
When the first comb is finished, the combed hair is placed down a part, ready to arrange space for the next bundle.

Hair Extension Sale How to wear a wig?

Step 7
Spray some hair spray on the roots of the lowered hair to improve the setting ability.
Step 8

hair extension
Firstly Repeat the third step to comb the hair up and prepare for attaching the second hair comb. Be careful not to affect the root of the first bundle that has been clamped.

Step 9
The second wig bundle is fixed to the hair root as hair extension described above.
Step 10
When attaching the wig to the side of the hair, be careful to leave enough distance between the ears to ensure that your hair can cover the hairpin.

Step 11
When all the wigs have been fixed, the hair on the top of the head is spread out, and the spontaneous roots are carefully combed upwards, which helps to increase the overall texture.
Step 12
Spread your hair in all directions and blend into the wig.

Hair Extension Sale How to wear a wig?

Final shaping
Spray some hair spray to ensure that the true wigs naturally blend together throughout the day, and you can freely use a variety of hair products, and even use hair curlers to further shape.