Remy hair wigs Master the wig wearing method

Wigs can usually be divided into hair sets, partial hair pieces, straight hair bundles, curly hair bundles, and hairpins. The partial hair piece can play a finishing touch on the original hair style, and can modify the hair part to increase the remy hair wigs overall saturation and fashion sense; and the hair bundle of different lengths and curls can be created according to different occasions. Different styles of style; the hair set can quickly modify the face shape and quickly change the image style.

Wig hair net wearing method

Before wearing a wig, you need to hide the hair in the hair net. This step is very important for wearing a wig, which affects the overall visual effect of the wig.

1. Use both hands to open the hair net and wrap the remy hair wigs hair all the way from top to bottom;

2. Pull the hair net to the hairline like the hair;

3. Press the net with the palm of your hand as Long curly hair wigs far as possible to make it appear flat shape without irregularities;

4. Exposed the ear from the net, and use the hairpin to fix it in the hairline to prevent the hair net from falling off.

Two common methods of wearing wigs:

remy hair wigs

Short wig

(1) Hold the wig hairline with both hands, start moving backwards from the forehead, and fix it with the hairpin;

(2) After wearing, adjust the shape of the hair with a comb or fingertip.

Remy hair wigs Master the wig wearing method

2. Long wig

(1) Hold the horns on both sides of the wig with your hand, put the wig from the back and forward, and move forward to adjust the wearing position on the forehead;

(2) Adjust back and down a little bit, try to make the wig look natural;

(3) After wearing, adjust the overall shape of the hair with remy hair wigs a comb and fingertips.

Wig cleaning method

1. Before cleaning, comb the wigs in order from the inside to the outside;

2. After soaking the wig, soak it in warm water containing shampoo for a few minutes, gently tap to remove the dirt, and rinse the foam with water;

3. Aft the wig in the water containing the conditioner for a few minutes, then rinse it with plenty of water;

4. Put the fake release on the towel and gently remove the water;

Master the wig wearing method Change the shape as remy hair wigs you like 8

5. The comb is combed again smoothly, and hangs in a ventilated place to dry naturally. After being put away, put it in a dustproof box and store it.